State vs K.A.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: Aug 02, 2011
Outcome: No Jail Time for Arrest While On DUI Probation

At a probation revocation hearing, successfully avoided jail time for a single mother accused of a second DUI while on probation for her first DUI. Although a judge would typically require jail time for a second arrest while on DUI probation, negotiated a 20-day ankle monitor with no jail time and permission to go to work to allow client to care for her children.

State vs C.H.

Practice Area: Domestic Violence
Date: Apr 19, 2011
Outcome: Not Guilty at Bench Trial

Conducted a bench trial in Cobb County and achieved a Not Guilty verdict as to multiple domestic violence charges. Client's wife asserted her marital privilege in choosing not to testify against her husband and other witnesses were effectively impeached on cross examination.

State vs A.R.

Practice Area: DUI/DWI
Date: Mar 21, 2011
Outcome: Not Guilty by Jury Verdict

Facing 10 days mandatory jail time in front of a tough Gwinnett County judge, attained a Not Guilty jury verdict as to DUI and Improper Lane Change. Client was allegedly speeding and weaving in his lane, performed well on field sobriety evaluations and declined the state-administered breath test, and the State was unable to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

State vs J.R.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: Apr 13, 2010
Outcome: Sentenced to Probation Only for Possession with Intent

Facing a possible 30-year sentence in a possession with intent to distribute case (because of prior convictions), filed a speedy trial demand and client pled to reduced charges when the State was unprepared for trial. Client received a sentence of probation only and was immediately released from custody.

State vs E.P.

Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Date: Oct 16, 2011
Outcome: Sentence reduced from life to 20years.

After over ten years in incarceration and facing a life sentence, assisted in reducing life sentence of falsely accused Columbus man after key witness recants testimony.


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